Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

James 1:27

He predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will— to the praise of his glorious grace, which He has freely given us in the One He loves.

Ephesians 1:5-6

Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.

Isaiah 1:17

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Our last day in Yinchuan

Today we got ready to leave Isac's home town. We went to the airport and on the way we had a great conversation with TOny. HE told us that the smallest imcome  he has ever seen for an adoptive family is $35k. HE said the man was a pastor which he kind of laughed at. He said some of the families that come have prayed over all their meals, one even prayed to bless Tony which he said he liked. He told us his mom went to a church called Choose Jesus. And she says Hallaluia.
When we got to the airport he gave us a hug and saw us to security. He was a great guide, and we would later find he went above and beyond!
Once we got to our gate we found out our plane was delayed. Isac was not to ohappy about this either as it was nap time and he was DONE. Josh managed to get him to take a short nap and thankfully it seemed to be enough once we got on the plane. When we were waiting for the plane, a few ladies were surrounding Isac and asking him over and over where mama and bab where. Without blinking he pointed at me and Josh. So in love with this little man!!! HE did great on the plane! The ride was very short. By the time we got on, we had a small snack and once we got the computer on for Isac it was time to turn it off! lol! Once in the air my heart was sad. adoption is so bitter sweet as you are so happy to have this child in yoru arms and so excied for the chance to love on him! But so sad to be leaving his home land, the province where his mother is living. She no longer has the chance at finding him to see him even if she wanted to. To see this little man who seems to take life in stride and roll with the punches. My heart breaks for her and I pray for her ofte, where ever she is.
Once we got to Xi'an we were greeted by our guide. We were first surpised by her telling us we were on our own for food. I know I had heard of other families having to do that, we were just surpised because Tony made himself completely available at our beck and call! This wasn't going to be the case here. We figured we'd manage, though right at the moment I was terrified! Xian is one of the 4 biggest cities in China!!!! Thankfully it looks like everything is with in walking distance so we don't need to go too far. She then gave us break down of cost sheet since we would need to get money out of the bank. We were pretty shocked by this since we didn't have the money this sheet said we needed. Dear Lord be with us in this. Our next surpise, we would be getting Nina tomorrow, not Monday like our itenary said! Whew....what are you doing to us God. Not that getting her earlier was bad at all! That made me very happy as one she would have a family sooner and two she didn't have to be in the unfamilur orphanage any longer! We were jsut thrown at all the extra news.
Later we were able to talk to our social worker back in America and work out some of the costs.
We got to our hotel. WOW! I almost don't feel like we could be doin GOd's work in this hotel. It is very nice. Even nicer is the lack of cigerette smoke in the hallways that filter into our rooms and the the ticker walls so I don't have to k now every move the neighbor is making! :) Our travel agent did ask us where we wanted to stay and we did give some options from people we had heard, but in the end she picked the hotel she thought would be the safest for a Western family. The nicest part is there is enough from for Nina and Isac to play around in. Since we have no idea how much we will be out and about, it will be very nice for them to have the space if we get stuck here often.
Josh ran out for KFC (I wanted to go because I didn't like him goin gout alone but Isac was waaaaaay beyond tired so we didn't want to chance him throwing fits) and he said he was lucky because the girl behind the counter spoke English. A nice welcome to the country!
Xi'an is even busier than Yinchin which I thought was VERY busy. But a friend of mine who has been here said she felt very safe and gave us the name of a noodle place to try out. If we feel brave enough to brave crossing the street we may try it! :)
We get Nina in almost 4 hours!!!!!!!
on the plane

veiw of Xian-out skirts

watching his Ni Hao Ki Lan

we are HERE

loves the ball but it doen's keep his attention long...not much does lol

and just like Levi-loves walking in his Baba's shoes
One cute fact from this morning, when we were at breakfast Josh rain upstairs to get Isac's cup and Isac was saying Baba ya ya over and over-he LOVES his Baba :) I'm so happy that he is so in love with both of us! When it comes to fun he wants Baba but when he needs to be calmed down he comes to me :).


  1. I see Isac is about to have his 2nd Christmas with his new family. Our son is fro Yinchuan as well, he has been home 8 years

  2. LOVE IT!!!! Not too many Yinchuan babies home!

  3. Our son has been home with his family for 8 years (he just turned 12). He was one of the first children adopted internationally. I love Yinchuan, was able to visit a few years ago. Son has not been back, he has not shown interest in China. Just keep the kids and let them lead.

  4. Our son has been home with his family for 8 years (he just turned 12). He was one of the first children internationally adopted from Yinchuan. I love Yinchuan, was able to visit 4 years ago. Son has not shown interest in China, keep exposing him and letting him lead. Praying for you little guy.